15 June, 2022

Mining companies operating in Central America

In recent years, exploration and development of gold reserves in Central America has increased significantly. This is due to the relatively small number of open-pit deposits, the consistently high gold price and the favourable mining environment provided by local legislation.

There are no world-leading gold producers in Central America because the region's deposits are not large and rich enough to satisfy their appetite. However, it is an excellent and attractive destination for small and medium-sized mining companies specialising in the exploration or development of small deposits that can be developed quickly and profitably while gold prices remain high.

The main player in the Central American gold mining sector is Glamis Gold, an American company developing the Sanmartin deposit in Honduras (Sanmartin is a typical example of an epithermal gold deposit). In addition to Honduras, the company is also active in Nicaragua.

Glencairn Gold Corporation, RNC Gold and Vannessa Ventures also have operations in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. In Guatemala, Radius Explorations and PilaGold are developing gold deposits, and in El Salvador, Intrepid Minerals and Pacific Rim Mining.


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