15 June, 2022

Features of gold mining

The process of gold mining is the extraction of gold in various ways from natural sources of occurrence. Depending on the chosen method, Gold mining may include a whole range of works and processes: an exploration of the territory for the presence of the desired metal, geological assessment, financing, development, direct mining, and supply of finished cold ingots.

Modern techniques

Industrial gold mining is now actively carried out using heap leaching technology. Many gold mining countries use this method to extract the metal in economically viable quantities from poor and balanced ores and small deposits. Global gold mining began to reach a new level when heap leaching technology appeared:

  • this method of gold mining can be implemented in just 1 year;
  • this is the optimal time for a private gold miner;
  • a way for an excellent investment of capital;
  • in a year, it will be possible to hold ingots in your hands;
  • when calculating per 1 kg of metal, there are fewer costs than traditional factory methods.

The method is much more modern and technologically less labor-intensive than artisanal gold mining, which is most practiced in underdeveloped countries and lacks resources for other methods.


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