15 June, 2022

Vincent Terkettle

Vincent Thurkettle is a gold prospector originally from the UK. He has been prospecting for gold for over 40 years. In 2005 he traded in his comfortable office job for the life of a gold digger.

As a student, he met a gold prospector by chance, which led to the life he leads today.

It was this guy who found the biggest nugget in British history by the sea in the north of the island of Anglesey, Wales. Five meters from the shore, the piece of gold was the size of a chicken egg and weighed 97 grams. The find is valued at £50,000. The nugget is believed to have been part of the gold carried by the Royal Charter ship, which sank in 1859.

"I was shocked when I saw the nugget. It was a sunny day, the rays were falling on it and it was glistening and under water, making it seem even bigger. I thought I was going to find some gold, but I had no hope of a catch of that size. It was an amazing day," said Vincent.

The specimen was almost twice as heavy as the second-largest nugget in British history, the Carnon nugget.


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